Dining in Ludington

There is something for everyone!

Downtown Ludington offers many great dining opportunities to try out. Listed below are a few of our family favorites we'd like to share  with you. We've also included a link so you don't miss out on all the rest Ludington has to offer during your visit here!

Brenda's Harbor Cafe

316 S. James St. Ludington, MI 

(231) 845-7434

Open for breakfast and lunch from 5am-2pm.


The Grand

301 S. Rath Ave. 

Ludington, MI

(231) 843-9240

Famous for their Wet Burritos!

Old Hamlin

122 W. Ludington Ave

Ludington, MI

(231) 843-4251

Open 7am-7pm most days.


House of Flavors

402 W. Ludington Ave

Ludington, MI

(231) 845-5785

Open 7am-8pm


All-American Ice Cream Parlor dished up with family-friendly service. Home to the famous Mr. Mooney's Blue Moon Ice Cream!

Jamesport Brewing Company


410 S. James St

Ludington, MI 

(231) 845-2522

Open 11:30am-9pm


PM Steamers


502 W. Loomis St

Ludington, MI

(231) 843-9555

Open 4:30-8:30pm


Q's Smokehouse


225 S. James St

Ludington, MI

(231) 425-3933


Scotty's Restaurant


5910 US-10

Ludington, MI

(231) 843-4033

Open 11:30am-2pm;5-9pm.


Sportman's Pub


111 W. Ludington Ave

Ludington, MI 

(231) 843-2138

Open 11:00am-11pm

Thai Mango


106 N. James Street

Ludington, MI

(231) 923-3890